Inicio It’s not the year I feel most like playing in Asia….

It’s not the year I feel most like playing in Asia….


The Asian tour is starting which just about puts the end to the LPGA Tour season. We’re in Malaysia and the truth is that I’m not going into it with high expectations. The season is long and, most of all, the week of the Solheim Cup and the following week at the Lacoste Open in France left me running on empty.  

I loved the week of Solheim. I had a great time, I enjoyed being with the team and on the course, although it’s impossible not to walk away with a bad taste in my mouth after the loss. It’s true that the Americans played really well on Sunday and it should be acknowledged, but not taking home the victory by half a point is really frustrating.

It was an intense week, high concentration levels and lots of golf, which has an influence on the vibes I get here this week in Malaysia. It’s not the week I most feel like playing in Asia, I’m a little saturated with golf, but there are still four tournaments in Asia, and later, the CME Globe and I think I’ll stop there. I played eighteen holes this morning and tomorrow I’ll continue to prepare for the tournament on Thursday. It could be that the heat in this area doesn’t help much either in terms of moral and bouncing back.

Last week I was at home resting, disconnecting from golf. You already know what I like, I was with family, friends and getting a lot of exercise. I also went for a walk around the hills as well. It relaxes me and helps me think about other things. I’m going to handle this one month-long tour calmly and collected. We’ll take it one day at a time and see what happens each week.