Inicio Testing, one, two, three… On my way to Lancaster

Testing, one, two, three… On my way to Lancaster


Hello everyone from the boarding gate of another airport in the US. We’re waiting for the boarding call to head to Lancaster. It wasn’t a good week at the North Texas Shootout. One of those weeks that things just don’t go well for one reason or another. I wasn’t comfortable the week before in San Francisco either, but there’s nothing else to do other than to move forward. It’s just the beginning and there are still many nice, important events left to come. There isn’t another LPGA Tour tournament until fifteen days from now, so I’ve done some special planning, let’s see what you think…

Like I told you before, flight to Lancaster. And why there, some of you will be asking. Well, I’ll tell you, the Lancaster Country Club, in Pennsylvania, is the course where the US Open will be held this year, so I’ll be going with my caddie, Javi Urquizu, to have a first look at it. I’m excited. I’ll play a few days. I think it’s important to go on these types of trips to the majors courses to gather information. It all adds up and I’m sure it will help throughout the week of the tournament. It’s not the first time I’ll have done it, and I’ll do it again for sure in a few weeks with the British Open course.

After practicing for two days in Lancaster, I’ll be going to Florida, more specifically to the TPC Sawgrass at Ponte Vedra Beach. Indeed, I’ll be going to see THE PLAYERS championship live to cheer on Sergio García and Gonzalo Fernández Castaño. I went last year and had such a good time that I want to do it again this year. I’ll be going in good company, with my father.

By the way, and to starting coming to a close since they are already calling on people to board, you don’t remember all the things you carry in a backpack until a few thieves remind you. Yes, they stole from us at Santa Mónica beach. To be exact, they broke the window of the car that was in a parking lot and they took the backpacks that had everything in them: phone, tablet, money, passport, personal things, cards…You can imagine the mess. It was the Sunday after the ANA Inspiration. A big mistake. Luckily, they let us fly, making a huge exception with our IDs and the theft report. Not too long after, the passports appeared along with the US visa. The rest, of course, vanished.