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I am looking forward to the playing the US Open…after the men


Hello everyone from the Dominican Republic. Here I am enjoying a few days of vacation after playing the Shoprite LPGA Classic and before putting in 100% for the US Open. Time to relax, do some paperwork, and renew my visa.

As you know, the Shoprite in Atlantic City, I finished in the top 10, so I am happy. The first day I hit the ball okay but putted well. The second day was much better from tee to green, but I had disaster with the putter and on Sunday I played very well. The bogeys I made were so stupid, but I can´t complain! I feel good…

Diagnosis: I’m generally hitting the ball well, but I have to work harder from 80 yards and less. I have to improve the distance control! That’s the goal, because I can make birdies when I’m close…

As I said, now is the time for a bit of relaxation. We have been competing for many weeks and I need to reenergize my body. And then back to work for the US Open. My coach, Marcelo Prieto, will be here next Wednesday, so we will train non-stop for the second major of the year.

I know they are talking a lot about the US Open, especially the decision to host it on the same course after the men´s tournament. I’m not sure what to say … I admit that I was against it beforehand, but I can´t change it and I have made up my mind not to even think about it.

I just hope it doesn´t rain or something because it will not be a disaster. And the divots …Ay ! You hear a lot of talk about the divots! Hahahaha.

But honestly there also many positives. Firstly, I think it will be great for people to see women play on the same course as the men – so we can compare scores, shots…We’ll see. I am looking forward to it. Furthermore, it is the same for everything you have to have good attitude. It usually makes things better.

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