Inicio Blogs Azahara Muñoz ‘Opendicitis’ to finish off the year
An unexpected visit to the surgery room before going back to Spain

‘Opendicitis’ to finish off the year


The year came to an end with an unexpected visit to the hospital. It all started on Wednesday of last week. Suddenly, I woke up that night with a sharp pain in my stomach. Strange. I had never experienced a pain like that. I started to feel bad, throwing up and the whole lot. I thought it was a virus, because a few a my friends were sick with something. Thursday and Friday I started to feel better and I didn’t think twice about it, but on Saturday I bumped up against something on the same spot in my stomach and I got dizzy from the pain. I went directly to the hospital…

When I got there they did all types of tests and confirmed that it was appendicitis. The doctor said I was really lucky. It was inexplicable how I hadn’t had a rupture, or peritonitis after having waited so many days. They operated on me that Saturday afternoon and I went home that night. The surgery went really well. It was done by laparoscopy. It was a scare, but luckily everything turned out alright. In fact, I went to Spain to spend time with my family in San Pedro de Alcántara. I’m already thinking about going back to training, although I need to wait a bit longer. If all goes as planned, they told me three or four weeks, but I’m going to take it one day at a time and listen to my body. I’ll do what I can. For the moment, no gym and no lifting weights heavier than six or seven kilos… And hey, I’m following the advice to a T (hahahah).

In a few days I’ll be going back to the US and I’m confident I’ll be able to start training, even if it’s just the putt and a bit of approach throughout the first few days of January. We’ll see. I’m not going to force it. For now, I’m already out of the Bahamas, so I hope to start the year off with Australia. But like I said, we’ll take it step by step.