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Thirteen days after the operation…


Thirteen days have passed since the operation and I’m feeling good. What’s more, today I was at the golf course hitting some putts and a few chips, going easy it’s true, it’s not about forcing it more than need be and overdoing it.

I wanted to take advantage of this post to thank all of you for your support throughout these days, for the encouragement, for the messages, for everything. With the help of your support, the recovery period has been passing by quickly. I’d also like to express my gratitude for all my boyfriend’s help and company, Tim, and to thank my parents, who were here all week, who just left yesterday and I’m already missing them…

I’m well, happy and in good spirits. The first few days, when they told me I had a tumor, that it had to be removed and that I had to take time off, I’m not going to lie, I was pretty down and shed quite a few tears, but it’s passed and I’ve been okay, I’d even say better than I had hoped for. I took it philosophically. In short, yes, I’ll have missed three tournaments, which is a shame because one of them is a major, but it’s not a six month injury, nor anything of the sort. Besides, it would have been worse to have to take time off in the summer, when all the important tournaments are. It’s frustrating not to be in the ANA Inspiration because it’s, quite possibly, the major I like most, but it’s not worth making a big deal about either.

I’m pretty relaxed and I didn’t get too worked up about the operation. The doctor also helped me out a lot. He’s incredible, he plays golf and I was able to trust him a lot. The only thing that had me a little worried was that after the operation, he told me to keep an eye on my thumb. The tumor was very close to the nerve and the nerve had to be grazed in order to remove it, so he told me to make sure I had sensitivity there the first night. Everything went well.


I set foot on the golf course for the first time last Saturday. I can only putt and do chip shots, nothing too strenuous and that’s how I’ll be until Thursday at least, when I have another check-up and it’s possible that the doctor may tell me to take it up a notch in my level of play, even if it hurts. We’ll see. I’m truly hoping, but I know I have to be patient and prudent.

My idea now is to start playing again at the Lotte Championship in Hawaii, the 15th to the 18th of April. There’s a one week break between the ANA and this tournament and I think I’ll be able to make an effort to be ready during that time. Thus, we can almost say that I’m halfway through recovery.

I’m also going to take the opportunity, of course, to wish the best of look to the four Spanish golfers competing this week in the Nabisco Championship. Let’s go Carlota, Belén, Bea and María, go get ’em girls!