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Did I hit a good shot?


I have had this tendency lately of starting a tournament playing really well and not being able to finish it up in the weekends. Granted my last 3 events in a row was not the case, but yet I find it important to address this issue.

Even though I could be striking the ball well and feel confident, there is a part of me that unconsciously awaits the bad shots to come. It feels as if there is a limit number of good shots one can hit in a round and that if you have hit a couple of really good shots, the bad ones are just around the corner. Feeling you could be in the verge of hitting that quota is very stressful. Because when feeling that vulnerable to bad shots, you just need to hit a not so good shot to derail yourself into an ocean of drama.

I understand these are all games your mind play against you because of fear to fail, but it goes beyond the fear of hitting a bad shot. I came to realize, one freaks out from bad shots because they are not capable to stay in the present moment. Let me explain that in further details.

If someone promised me I will hit my first tee shot into the woods but that I would play good the rest of the round, I will be fine about it. I wouldn’t mind hitting that bad shot. Similar to when you are hitting balls or practicing. You don’t get caught up on the bad shots, it was just a and swing. But that swing doesn’t determine your future swings. You reset and try your best out of your next swing. However, as exciting as this topic is to me, it is not where I want to take you to just yet. I just want to talk about what is a good shot, and if we know how to identify them…

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