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a legitimate torture device with which you work out muscles you didn’t even know you had

Hooked on the Lagree method


Hi everyone!

It seems as though the cold has finally let up in Miami, after a few weeks in which we’ve all had to take out (and buy!) winter clothes. It’s strange that for those of us who live here, we get excited by the idea of the temperature dropping for a few days so that we can get the sensation of the “changing of seasons” which a lot of people miss, but as soon as the cold lasts for longer than a week, we’re all complaining about it being 15 degrees out!!

I want to tell you about a discovery Gonzalo and I made in this post, which has us completely hooked: the Lagree method. Gon had been searching for a good, complete workout method in Miami, which would help him to stay in shape during the down time he spends at home, but every time he would go to the gym without being supervised by someone else he would be afraid to hurt his back. As it happens, just before Christmas he had a bit of a scare, which thankfully was just that, but it caused him to have to rest for a few weeks without exercising for fear of hurting his back. It was during that time that I discovered a small local place close to home where the training is based on an idea thought up by Sebastien Lagree, which is a mixture of Pilates and cardio on a machine called Megaformer, a legitimate torture device with which you work out muscles you didn’t even know you had. Apparently the person who invented the machine had noticed that all the members would go directly to the gym after Pilates class to do cardio, so he looked for a way to combine both types of exercise.

Since Gon was in recovery, he sent me as the guinea pig to try it out. It’s not that I’m really in shape per say, but I do exercise regularly and have been doing Pilates for a while now, so I thought it would be relatively easy. I just have one thing to say: it was on a Friday and I wasn’t able to get out of bed without wincing until Tuesday because I was so sore!! I started up again the following week, and little by little I started to get hooked on this workout which is a mixture of cardio, strength training, resistance and flexibility, while meanwhile working the muscles out intensely but with low-impact, so you don’t have to worry about hurting your back or joints. It’s 50 minutes of intense exercises in which the number of repetitions isn’t the main factor, but the speed, exercises which should be performed as slowly as possible. I started to see changes in my body little by little, and I got Gon to try it, because I was sure it was just what he needed: intense, low-impact exercises for strengthening, among many other things, in the core, with the objective of preventing future back injuries. All said and done, after just one trial class he was convinced, and his back has improved considerably since then. I think it’s only in the US and Mexico at the moment, but don’t pass up the opportunity to try it if you can because you won’t regret it!!

I didn’t want to end the post without telling you how excited we were to hear the news that the Open de España 2016 will be held in Valderrama, in collaboration with the Sergio García Foundation, among other things because it doesn’t conflict with any of Gonzalo’s tournaments in the Tour, so he’ll have the opportunity to play in it. We are really looking forward to that week and can’t wait to reunite with all our friends, because last year unfortunately Gon wasn’t able to play in this tournament because he was in the middle of the season in the US.

Goodbye for now until the next post, thank you all for reading!!!!