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It’s not over yet, there’s still Miami

Gonzalo Fernández Castaño.
Gonzalo Fernández Castaño.

Hi everyone,

After spending two months in Spain seeing family and friends, the kids and I are finally back in Miami to reunite with Gon and to begin the next chapter of our American adventure. We arrived Friday night in order to spend the weekend together, before Gonzalo left to play in the last tournament of the 2015 season, the Wyndham Championship, held this week in Greensboro (North Carolina). A tournament in which he has to take home the win or at least second place (alone or tied with another player), to be able to enter among the 125 golfers who will participate in the FedEX playoffs. Clearly, the objective isn’t easy, although not impossible. His game is getting better and better, and it wouldn’t be the first time that he saved the day at the last minute, but in any case, the truly important thing is that his game is more and more solid every time and his self-confidence is intact.

Many acquaintances have asked me throughout the past weeks I was in Spain how Gonzalo is doing, and whether or not we had a plan B in case things didn’t turn out, and if we would return to Spain if he doesn’t maintain the card…and I responded the same way to everyone: clearly it was not an easy year for us, the results didn’t come despite the fact that he was working harder than ever, and the frustration and desperation started to register. It’s important to take into consideration the change in caddie, when Jeff left in mid-season after having spent seven years together, and it got to a point where it seemed as though nothing was going to turn out right. But luckily the hardest times usually bring out the best in people, and in the past months, I’ve seen a radical change in Gonzalo’s attitude for the better, that he’s positive and really willing to fix what has been happening throughout this tumultuous year. He’s been able to bring out the best version of himself in the most complicated moment in his entire history as a professional golfer, and he didn’t look for someone to blame, nor did he resort to self-compassion, instead he confronted the matter with maturity, understanding that it’s just a bad stretch that he will overcome. In short, giving up was never an option! All high-level athletes go through difficult periods in their careers, especially golfers where the percentage is surprisingly high. Whether he maintains the PGA Tour card for next season or not, there was never a doubt about staying in the US. Nobody said it would be easy, there’s a reason why one makes a living in the league with the best golfers in the world, but his place now is here, and sooner or later the results will come. If there’s one thing Gonzalo stands out for, it’s his tenacity and perseverance, and he has his objective very clear: the PGA Tour. So luckily, and God willing, it’s not over yet, there’s still Miami!

I apologize for having gone on so long this blog entry, but I felt I wanted to explain the actual situation, exactly as we are experiencing it. I’m not going to lie, it hasn’t been easy, but I am truly convinced that things are going to take a turn for the better. Thanks to all for reading, to my family and friends for supporting me throughout such a long year, (especially to my Euro Tour Girls, who understand better than anyone!), to his unconditional followers on Twitter who encourage him week after week, and most of all thanks to Gon, because in the most difficult moments are when people’s true colors come out, and in his case, he’s been teaching all of those around him a great lesson. You’re amazing, on and off the course.

Until next time!