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Our trip to Spain …and an engagement ring


Hi everyone!

It has taken me a few days to recover from our week in Spain, but it was well worth it because we had an incredible time.

After Gerona we flew to Madrid to see our families before returning to Miami. We didn´t stop for a moment, what between meals, catching up and going for drinks. What is clear is that we’re back weighing a few kilos more. It was a great experience dining at El Celler de Can Roca, which until recently was considered the best restaurant in the world, a title well deserved no doubt. Many thanks to Clare, Gon´s manager, for getting us a table for so many, when the waiting list is months long.

This time leaving Madrid wasn´t so hard, perhaps because in three weeks time the kids and I will return to Spain for the summer – just as the heat gets unbearable here. Gon left on Monday to start his longest series of tournaments in a while, five weeks in a row, four of which will be in the US, and the last one in Germany. Hopefully he will have a good result in one of these tournaments so that we can spend more time with him in the summer.

He had to change his calendar, and focus on playing more over here. The reason why he couldn´t be in Wentworth last week, a tournament that I was very sorry not to go because I have fond memories: it was the first tournament when we started hanging out, and in 2006, when we were on our way to the party of European Tour (where he was given the award for Rookie of the Year), he gave me an engagement ring.

I’m going to have to stop now because it’s Memorial Day and here it is a holiday, which means I have my three little angels pestering me to take them to Sea Aquarium. We have tickets for the Island and I plan to spend the next few hours watching dolphins, sharks and manatees.

Until the next post…

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