Inicio El Rondo of Sergio García He was only one and a half years older than I am…
Sergio García lives all sports with a unique and very special passion.The Augusta Masters champion and record man in the Ryder Cup invites us all to participate in his rondo to share with him his vision of sports.

He was only one and a half years older than I am…

Kobe Bryant.

Hello everyone, coming to you from the Desert Tour. The Rondo is back after two weeks. I thought about talking about a lot of things, Rafa Nadal and Kyrgios’ match in the Australian Open, about Dakar, some things about Real Madrid and Zidane in particular…However, unfortunately, it’s impossible to talk about anything other than Kobe Bryant today, with a lump in our throats and a heavy heart. Please allow me to take this time out in The Rondo. Tomorrow, we will get back to other topics, but today, all I can do is talk about Kobe Bryant.

It’s very sad news that transcends the world of sports. A tragedy. Kobe, his daughter and the seven other people who were on board that helicopter. Devastating. Devastating for the entire sports world. Devastating for all the families, not just Kobe’s, but also all of the other passengers’ families as well.

Unfortunately, this is an occurrence that happens much more often than it should, and it always leaves us in a state of shock. It’s very sad that such a young athlete has left us. He was only a year and a half older than I am. And with everything he’d done, everything he’d accomplished…We lost a legend.

Our condolences to the families, in the hopes that they can pull through and recover in the best way possible, and that they are able to move forward by way of strength and positivity. From here, from this space, I would like to take the opportunity to send a big hug to all of them, and to support them in such a difficult time.