Inicio Main Tours Asian Tour Pigem and Quirós (on the buzzer) make the first cut in Thailand
Second round of the final of the Asian Tour School

Pigem and Quirós (on the buzzer) make the first cut in Thailand

Álvaro Quirós. © Octavio Passos/Getty Images

The final of the Asian Tour School consumed its second day this Wednesday. First decisive day where the first cut of the week has been established. From the initial 219 participants, the tournament has been reduced to 140 plus ties, or in other words, everyone who has delivered a result of +5 or better in the first 36 holes continues. Carlos Pigem (-5) and Álvaro Quirós (+5) have passed this first cut, while Gonzalo Fernández Castaño (+7) has been left out.

Pigem has played on the Lake View Resort course, in the town of Hua Hin, Thailand, and has delivered a card of 71 strokes. Par result with three birdies and three bogeys. It is not a bad result, far from it, but it has made him lose ground compared to the magnificent initial impulse of the first day with his card of five under par. The Ilerdense has fallen from third to eighth place. It is a slight setback, nothing important considering that there are still three days of competition left.

Quirós, on the other hand, has made the cut asking for the time on the Springfield Royal Country Club course, also in Hua Hin. He did it just in the result that was asked for, although forced to be aware of other players until the last minute to know if the +5 was going to be enough or if, on the contrary, he was going to stay at +4. Finally, there was white smoke and Álvaro will be able to compete at least two more days, although he needs to greatly improve his performance to pass the cut on Friday after the fourth round with the 70 best and tied and get the card on Saturday, reserved for the first 35. Quirós has made 74 strokes today, with four birdies, three bogeys and a cruel triple bogey that shook the cut until the last minute. In fact, Quirós, who started at 10, was going with +2, well inside the cut, with four holes left, but a bogey first at 6 and the aforementioned triple bogey at 7 put him on the tightrope.

Finally, Fernández Castaño could not recover after yesterday’s bad first day. Today he has made 74 strokes. The key to the day was in the five consecutive bogeys between holes 5 and 9. This horrible sequence threw any aspiration to pass the first cut overboard. Later, in the last nine, he at least managed to beat the course with a partial one under par, but it was not enough.

The Korean Jeunghun Wang (-10) remains the sole leader of this School final five days in. One stroke behind is the Japanese Nabetani and three behind are the Italian Mazzoli and the Australian Brazel. The 35th position is at the result of -1 (four margin for Pigem and six that Álvaro must subtract) and the 70th is at +1. This should be Quirós’ first goal in the next 36 holes.

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