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It takes place from January 16 to 20 in Thailand.

Quirós, Gonzalo and Pigem, straight to the final of the Asia school

Álvaro Quirós. © Golffile | Mateo Villalba
Álvaro Quirós. © Golffile | Mateo Villalba

With the DP World Tour, LIV Golf and PGA Tour schools completed, which ended this very Monday in Florida, there is only one way left… to access a major circuit for professionals who currently do not have a full and interesting calendar for 2024. It is the Asian Tour school. It is the last wagon to get on and there are several Spaniards ready to make the leap.

The Asian school consists of six preliminary qualifying tests and a grand final. There are three preliminaries that have already been held, in September in Australia, in November in the United States and last week in Thailand. This very week, also in Thailand, the fourth is being contested, there will be two more in January, also in Thailand, and from January 16 to 20 the final will take place in Bangkok.

At the moment, there are three Spaniards who play the final directly. They are Carlos Pigem, who is exempt for the last great sieve as champion of the Yeangder Tournament Players Championship of the Asian Tour in 2016, as well as Gonzalo Fernández Castaño and Álvaro Quirós, who have received an invitation, as happened in the LIV Golf Promotions.

In addition, as Ten Golf has been able to confirm, Mario Galiano and Borja Martín are signed up to play one of the January preliminaries, from the 9th to the 12th, and Erik Shukhart, who worked as a caddie for David Puig in some tournaments, is playing this week at the Pattana Sports Resort. Things, by the way, are not going too well for him. After two rounds, he is in 87th place with +11, after handing in cards of 73 and 78 strokes. Tomorrow there will be a cut with the first 60 and tied and the last round will be played on Friday. Shukhart is five strokes from that first cut, so he will need a great round this Thursday. There are about 20 places for the final.