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The Dane leads the Cadiz Challenge 31 years after his father won a Challenge in Seville.

Goth Rasmussen, in the name of the father

Jonathan Goth-Rasmussen. (Photo by Octavio Passos/Getty Images)
Jonathan Goth-Rasmussen. (Photo by Octavio Passos/Getty Images)

Ángel Ayora (-8) remains with chances to achieve his first victory in the Challenge of Cádiz that ends tomorrow at the Iberostar Real Club de Golf Novo Sancti Petri, where the Dane Jonathan Goth-Rasmussen intends to repeat history. His father already won a Challenge in Andalusia in 1993. Wilco Nienaber, one of the longest hitters of the DP World Tour, gets into the fight with 18 holes left.

The die is cast and tomorrow the fourth winner of the Challenge of Cádiz will be decided. Today was the third round, “the movement one”, but here nobody was willing to move from their position except Wilco Nienaber, who has gone from last place to 2nd, or Goth-Rasmussen, who faces the final day being the sole leader. Ayora has held firm and will go out with options in Chiclana de la Frontera.

Ángel Ayora, one of the youngest players in the tournament (19 years old), has made use of his youth, his talent and his grit to stay among the first and not to be daunted by the difficulties that the course presents. Thus, he started with an eagle on hole 2 and settled the round with four birdies and three bogeys for 69 and a total of minus 8. “It has been a tough day, as always, but I am very happy because I started by putting a good, very difficult chip at 2 for eagle; then I missed two very short putts, luckily my caddie was there to say, ‘calm down, we will continue to give ourselves opportunities and they will come in’. And so it was, I kept calm and started the second round very well with two birdies. A couple of birdies escaped, but they were not giving them away…, and a bogey at the very difficult par 3. The end, which is quite tough, I was able to save well. These three days have been very similar in play, the wind has been changing a bit and sometimes the strategy has had to be changed, but I am ready to push tomorrow. It is the first time I go out second, I have had options in other Challenges that have not gone well. Tomorrow I will go out hole by hole, giving myself birdie opportunities, and calm, which is the most important thing”.

The Dane Jonathan Goth-Rasmussen leads, who was one stroke behind the leaders and has started like a shot to become the sole leader, with five birdies in the first nine holes and two bogeys against three birdies for the seconds for a total of 66 strokes and 12 under par. He will go out with a four-stroke lead. “It has been a very calm round, I have played very well all day, very well from the tee and I have made easy birdies. It has not been any madness, I have played very solid. I found something in my game last week and I am hitting very well, I feel that I am playing very solid in all aspects. Tomorrow to continue working, I will try to play aggressive from the tee to see if I can make birdies”. Jonathan’s father, Jacob Rasmussen, won the Challenge that was held in Seville in 1993. He won with a one-stroke lead over Andersson Hed and José Rozadilla. That Challenge, held at the Real Sevilla Club de Golf, featured the participation of Ramón Sota. “I would love to win on the same course as he did, but I’ll stick with this week”. Goth-Rasmussen got the card to play this year’s DP World Tour through the School, where his best result until today has been a 42nd place.

Wilco Nienaber is one of those who shares the second position with Ayora, as well as with Hamish Brown and Gary Hurley, with eight under par, but he is the one who has presented the best card of the day to get into ‘the thick of it’. Considered one of the best hitters of the DP World Tour, the South African Nienaber has signed a card with two eagles (holes 4 and 6), five birdies and a bogey, 64 strokes with which he has jumped from just making the cut, to getting into second position with chances to win the Challenge of Cádiz. “Today I went out without expectations; I’m putting and hitting well, so I’ve been looking for birdie opportunities and not par, like yesterday. I have to avoid rounds like yesterday’s (75 strokes), but we all know what golf is like and you have to try to limit the bad days. Tomorrow I will go out to try to find the birdies and see what happens”.

Tomorrow Sunday the final round of the Challenge of Cádiz will be played, which will start at eight in the morning, they will go out from two tees and the leaders’ match will go out at 10.06h with Jonathan Goth-Rasmussen, Wilco Nienaber and Ángel Ayora. At the end of the game, the trophy will be presented to the winner.

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