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Several anecdotes unleash madness with the English woman

The phenomenon ‘Charley Hull’ intensifies even more.


She never leaves you indifferent. Charley Hull is a figure both on and off the golf course. Her first Major still eludes her, she has accumulated three second places and a third. Champion of six titles as a professional, a regular at the Solheim Cup and this week in Lancaster she shone to finally finish among the top twenty at the US Women’s Open.

It is undeniable that the Englishwoman is one of the great figures of world women’s golf. She always gives something to talk about and her personality grows and grows more and more on the circuit. However, something that happened beyond the ropes has made her the main protagonist of the week. It was probably one of the most viral stories of the tournament.

We are located at the Lancaster practice field. There Charley was immortalised smoking while signing an autograph for a child who had just asked for it. The video went viral and spread across networks like wildfire: “It’s funny, I was smoking on the practice field and had my hands full, I was asked for an autograph and I’m not going to say no, I put the cigarette in my mouth, signed and it went viral.”

In just two days the Hull phenomenon has made her gain more than 70,000 followers on social networks, her sponsors are rubbing their hands. It’s not the first time she’s been seen smoking, far from it, but the fact of doing it while signing autographs delighted the fans. The John Daly of women’s golf some already nickname her: “It’s been crazy, the fans have been shouting my name all week. It’s been a wild week, very cool, I wish it was like this more often.”

“My father smokes 40 cigarettes a day since he was 12 years old and now he is 75, and my nephew smokes, who is about 25 years old. My whole family smokes, so it’s not something that seemed strange to me”, but she admits that deep down she doesn’t like it, “I hate smoking. I used to curse my father when I was younger for smoking, but I think I smoke when I’m stressed… But listen, I’ll quit soon. The question is deciding when.”

The funny anecdotes of the week do not end there. Hull told yesterday her ‘no date’ of the week. A fan tried to get a meeting with the Englishwoman: “A fan told me I had dropped something and handed me a piece of paper with his phone number. He told me here is my number, send me a message so we can figure out where I’m taking you to dinner tonight. Obviously I didn’t call him,” the champion of two titles in the LPGA said laughing.

“Literally, all my friends always say that I should have a television show with what happens in my life,” said Hull. “If you think I have a lot of personality on the golf course, you should see what my life is like at home.” The Hull phenomenon never leaves you indifferent, that’s clear.