Inicio Main Tours PGA Tour High-level meeting in New York between the PGA Tour and the PIF
This occurred on Friday and was revealed by Rory McIlroy after his second round at the Memorial Tournament.

High-level meeting in New York between the PGA Tour and the PIF

Monahan, con Rory McIlroy © Tommy Dickson/Golffile
Monahan, con Rory McIlroy © Tommy Dickson/Golffile

The PGA Tour and the PIF met face to face this Friday in New York. Rory McIlroy was the one to reveal this meeting after finishing his second round at the Memorial Tournament. He did it in front of several journalists, not at the official press conference after his round. McIlroy’s words have been picked up by different American media and confirm what Adam Scott hinted a few days ago to Golfweek at the RBC Canadian Open. Conversations between the American circuit and the Saudis are accelerating and intensifying.

McIlroy spoke before the meeting. He confirmed that it was going to take place yesterday afternoon. In person, on the American side, would be Jay Monahan, commissioner of the PGA Tour, Tiger Woods, Adam Scott, Joe Ogilvie, as well as Joe Gorder, president of PGA Tour Enterprises, and John Henry, leader of Fenway Sports Group and main promoter of SSG, the network of American investors who bet on entering PGA Tour Enterprises with 3 billion dollars. Meanwhile, for the PIF, the presence of Yasir Al Rumayyan was announced. In other words, a top-level meeting that Rory McIlroy attended from Ohio by video conference.

“There are going to be people in that room on the PGA Tour side who are going to take the lead,” McIlroy said. “And it’s not going to be Adam, Tiger or me. It’s going to be the business men. We are there to maybe give a perspective from a player’s point of view. It’s about a negotiation over an investment in PGA Tour Enterprises by PIF, it’s big fish stuff. I will definitely listen more than I will talk,” Rory anticipated.

As is obvious, the results of that meeting have not been revealed yet, but we will surely know more things this very Saturday throughout the day or when McIlroy finishes his third round at the Memorial. The Northern Irishman, along with Scott, are the two people who are speaking with more clarity and transparency about what is happening in the negotiations. This top-level meeting comes a year and two days after the framework agreement to start negotiating was announced.

On the other hand, the Financial Times has revealed the key role that John Henry played in the formation of PGA Tour Enterprises. The framework agreement saw the light of day the same day that the main owners of United States baseball teams, Henry among them, held a meeting about their league and the business. Upon hearing the news of the framework agreement, Henry expressed his perplexity to his baseball colleagues because a sport like golf, with the money it is capable of moving, is in that situation. Not even Henry is a golf lover, he spoke only from a business point of view. He stepped forward and proposed to those present the formation of SSG with the possibility of entering the PGA Tour. From there everything developed very quickly. Henry and those who joined him held a meeting with Tiger Woods and other representatives of the PGA Tour and before the end of the year they had the agreement signed for the formation of PGA Tour Enterprises with the investment of SSG.

We will now see if this summit between the two parties is enough to unblock the situation and we can soon talk about a great agreement. Interestingly, they met on the day when PGA Tour and LIV Golf tournaments were being held at the same time.


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