Inicio Main Tours PGA Tour The police officer who arrested Scottie Scheffler breaks his silence
Issues a statement after charges against the Number One were dropped

The police officer who arrested Scottie Scheffler breaks his silence

El agente que arrestó a Scottie Scheffler
El agente que arrestó a Scottie Scheffler

The police officer who arrested Scottie Scheffler prior to the second round of the PGA Championship has broken his silence on the incident. Bryan Gillis, a detective from the metropolitan police of Louisville, issued a press statement shortly after it was confirmed that all charges against the world’s Number One golfer were dropped.

Scheffler was reportedly arrested due to a misunderstanding while trying to access the Valhalla Golf Club to reach his scheduled tee time, amidst a huge traffic chaos due to an early morning hit-and-run near the club that had cost the life of a worker from one of the businesses present at the event.

The player was charged with second-degree assault on a police officer, third-degree damage crime, reckless driving, and disobedience to a traffic officer’s signals, before being released just in time to make his second round tee time, thanks to the intervention of one of the owners of Valhalla.

In his police citation, Gillis claimed he had been dragged on the ground by Scheffler‘s car and that his 80-dollar trousers had suffered irreparable damage. However, he was later sanctioned for a rule violation after failing to activate his body camera during the arrest, and leaked video footage on the internet has cast doubt on his version of events.

Following the dismissal of charges against Scheffler, Gillis issued a statement in which he praised the Masters champion, but harshly criticised the golfer’s lawyer, Steve Romines. Describing the scene as a “chaotic situation for all involved”, Gillis said that “ensuring everyone’s safety in the vicinity was my top priority.”

He then added: “Both Mr. Scheffler and I agree that there will be no hard feelings about this in the future. Instead of reacting publicly in a negative way, he has chosen to speak with dignity, humility, and respect. My family and I appreciate it.”

“It has been unfortunate and disturbing to hear today’s comment from Steve Romines claiming that there had been a ‘false arrest’ and questioning my honesty and integrity. I would be surprised and disappointed if Mr. Scheffler had participated in those statements. To be clear, I was hit by the car, I went to the ground and received visible injuries to my knees and wrist. I will recover and everything will be fine,” he detailed.

“This is my comment on the incident. The reality is that there are more important things in the world right now than a tug of war over this. A person lost their life that day, and a family lost a loved one,” he insisted. “Yes, the department has made us buy 80-dollar trousers,” he added. “For those affected, yes they were ruined. But Scottie, everything is fine. I never imagined that I would have the most famous pair of trousers in the country for a few weeks because of this,” he concluded.