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Untranslated appearance today of the Louisville police chief with new details of the investigation

The police officer who stopped Scheffler breached the regulations by not activating his camera

La jefa de policía de Louisville, Jackie Gwinn-Villaroel.
La jefa de policía de Louisville, Jackie Gwinn-Villaroel.

The mayor of Louisville and the chief of the metropolitan police appeared this Thursday morning before the media without the possibility of asking questions. The purpose of this meeting was to provide an update on the internal investigation that is being carried out due to the altercation between Scottie Scheffler and officer Bryan Gillis, after which the world’s Number One ended up handcuffed and transferred to the jail before the second round of the PGA Championship.

Jackie Gwinn-Villaroel, chief of the Louisville metropolitan police, has said that “Gillis should have turned on his body camera, but he did not. His omission is a violation of the conduct policy of the Louisville metropolitan police,” said the chief. In this regard, a file has been opened on the officer and corrective measures have been established, as explained.

In addition, two new videos have been released, one from a fixed camera where the officer who pounces on Scheffler’s car and the moment of arrest is observed and another much longer, almost an hour, recorded from the dashboard of a police car with the entire sequence, although very distant.

It should be remembered that Scheffler’s appearance before the judge, scheduled for this Tuesday, has been postponed to June 3. The golfer’s lawyers maintain their client’s innocence, explaining that everything that has been known since the incident endorses Scottie’s version that it was all a misunderstanding.

Scheffler was arrested early Friday morning when he tried to enter Valhalla to play the second round of the PGA Championship. According to the complaint, he was driving east in a vehicle marked as a PGA player towards gate 1 when he got into a lane heading west, “where the exit traffic was flowing,” to avoid the traffic jam caused by a previous fatal collision.

Gillis was “in the middle of the westbound lanes, in full uniform and a high-visibility yellow raincoat,” when he stopped Scheffler and “tried to give him instructions,” according to the citation. Louisville police alleged that Scheffler “refused to comply and accelerated forward, dragging Gillis to the ground. Detective Gillis suffered pain, swelling and abrasions on his left wrist and knee,” the complaint continues.

Scheffler, who from the first moment has described the incident as a “big misunderstanding,” competed in the tournament later, after being released, although he is accused of second-degree assault on a police officer – a serious crime that carries years of jail -, as well as third-degree criminal damage, reckless driving and ignoring the signals of an officer directing traffic.

Be that as it may, the complaint differs notably from the version offered by an ESPN production team that was on the scene and recorded Scheffler’s arrest. According to the occupants of that car, located next to Scheffler’s, it was the police officer who pounced on the car and probably as a result tripped and fell to the ground. This account of the incident better matches what has been seen in today’s images, where indeed the officer is seen throwing himself on Scheffler’s car although at no time does he appear to fall to the ground.