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One hundred percent Spanish, handmade, waterproof, ultra-technological and very comfortable.

Toa Shoes becomes the official shoe of The Game

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Toa Shoes, the golf shoe brand that has come to revolutionise our sport, has become the official shoe of THE GAME. The best fantasy in Spanish, with the best footwear. An unbeatable association. And as it is about preaching with facts, not just words, the 24 finalists of Ten Golf THE GAME in 2024 will receive as a reward for their phenomenal performance a pair of Toa Shoes so they can see for themselves that there is no equal product on the market.

Toa Shoes is a one hundred percent Spanish brand, made entirely in our country, supporting the local industry. It is the perfect fusion of technology, design, comfort and craftsmanship.

It is an ultra-technical footwear. Toa Shoes is dedicated solely and exclusively to the manufacture of golf shoes, so they are specialists and take care of every detail to achieve a perfect product. They have achieved a special shoe, very comfortable and one hundred percent waterproof. It’s not just a way of speaking, it’s not a more or less catchy slogan, Toa Shoes guarantees one hundred percent waterproofing. In fact, their waterproof system, with a heat-sealed sock, is patented. It’s unique.

Amaia Latorre, a professional golfer who competes in the LET Access and the Santander Tour, contacted the brand a while ago to tell them that she had had to get into a river to hit a shot and that her feet were completely dry when she came out of there. She was thrilled. There is no greater pride for a brand than to verify the success of their efforts.

Toa Shoes is also an ultra-flexible shoe with a very special sole designed and produced by Vibram, a prestigious Italian brand specialising in high mountain footwear. It is, therefore, a very durable, flexible sole with the best possible grip. A good foundation,

Similarly, the interior of the shoe is very well cared for through top-level biomechanical studies. It’s not only extremely beautiful, but it’s also very comfortable. The interior design is based on a sock that generates great comfort and an anatomical insole.

What is The Game?

At first glance, you can see that it is a modern design, with two models, the Sky, the classic spikes and the Easy Hybrid Primitive, the multitaco. They are made by hand pair by pair, without seams.

It also has the millimetric closure system, without laces, to make it even more comfortable. With two fingers you adjust or loosen the pressure of the shoe to your liking, easy and fast, at any time of the game, perfect for all ages, especially among the youngest and the oldest.

THE GAME continues to grow year by year and does so hand in hand with the best. Remember that you can register to play in THE GAME at any time. You don’t have to have played any test so far to start enjoying the best fantasy golf in Spain. Three tests have already been held and we already have, therefore, three guaranteed finalists and with their Toa Shoes guaranteed. The next tournament is the Masters of Augusta.

Here you can already register your team and create your own private league.