Inicio News 5 best golf resorts in Florida

5 best golf resorts in Florida


There are all sorts of different sports in the world. They attract various types of fans from all over the world for different reasons. Some like the fast pace of basketball or football, while others prefer calmer sports like golf.

Golf is one of the most popular sports in the world. It’s also a popular sport in the US, particularly in Florida. There are several reasons why so many top golfers choose to live in the state for several reasons. There are also many golfing fans present there.

Unlike other sports, golfing takes considerable skill and strategy. Players must spend lots of time learning how to swing a club and use the right club for a specific distance. They will also need to know how hard to hit and determine the various details that go into enjoying the sport.

They can start training at courses at many golf resorts. They can visit some Florida resorts to practice their skills if they know the basics. Thankfully, there are plenty of resorts in the state they can visit.

To save them and you some time, below are the five best golf resorts in Florida.

Streamsong Resort

The Streamsong Resort is the ideal golfing haven for people in Central Florida. It’s a perfect balance of beautiful views and courses brimming with challenges. The courses come in three tiers: Red, Black and Blue. Each tier has its set of challenges on unique terrain.

They will prove challenging for all types of golfers. In other words, you can visit the resort and enjoy the courses regardless if you’re a beginner or a pro. Aside from golfing courses, players can enjoy golf villas and proper service.

TPC Sawgrass

TPC Sawgrass is another decent golf course in Florida. You can find it in Ponte Vedra Beach. The resort is a premier spot for golfers, and you can find it on many lists of top resorts that focus on golfing. The Stadium Course is the crowning jewel of the resort.

It’s iconic because it features a small island for the 17th hole. Aside from that, golfers can test their skills on additional courses of champion quality. A Tour Academy also allows golf fans to learn how to play the game and take their skills to the next level.

Golfing is an inspiring sport and has followers from all over the world. Some platforms, such as online sportsbooks, follow golf events and provide several betting options to bettors. Even developers in the iGaming sector draw inspiration from this sport. If players were to visit an FL online casino, they would find several slots with a golf theme and features. They will also find many bonuses, promotions, and security tools that keep them safe 24/7. Either way, golf will remain a popular inspiration for iGaming developers, as it will remain a popular sport.

Innisbrook, a Salamander Golf & Spa Resort

Golf and spas work well at Innisbrook. The resort offers some accommodation for golf players looking to stay longer. It’s a luxurious establishment for all kinds of golfers. The Copperhead Course is a favorite among players and the course for the Valspar Championship.

It has some tricky challenges coupled with lush vegetation. Aside from this, players can also enjoy more golf courses by Larry Packard. When they want to rest after golfing, they can rest at the spa or the many villas. In short, the resort has everything golfers need.

The Ritz-Carlton Golf Resort

Naples offers another golfing gem in the form of the Ritz-Carlton Golf Resort. It’s a luxurious destination with plenty of activities for avid golfing fans. Golfers can enjoy two champion courses called Tiburon Gold and Black. The man behind them is Greg Norman, a legend in the golfing world.

The golf courses provide sufficient challenges for all golf players and have scenic views. In addition to the courses, players can enjoy excellent accommodations, gourmet dining, and many other options. The Ritz-Carlton Golf Resort lives up to its name, as it has housed some sports icons.

Hammock Beach Resort

Hammock Beach Resort may be the final golf haven on this list, but it’s worth a visit. The resort offers oceanfront courses, providing a unique golfing experience. The resort offers a legendary Ocean Course designed by Jack Nicklaus that features six holes overlooking the ocean. Another course you can take is the Conservatory Course by Tom Watson.

In other words, golfers can enjoy courses from legends in the sport. Aside from golfing activities, players can enjoy a range of accommodations. On top of that, they can visit the spa and enjoy additional recreational activities.


1. Are reservations required to play golf at these resorts?

Players should make reservations at these resorts.

2. Are these golf resorts suitable for players of all skill levels?

All types of golf players can enjoy the game at these resorts. There are courses with challenges for all skill levels.

3. Can non-golfers enjoy their stay at these resorts?

Aside from golfers, non-golfers are welcome to visit these resorts. They can stay at the suites and enjoy the spas, pools, and fine dining.

To Wrap Up

Golf remains a popular sport in Florida, and many resorts offer courses. Players can stay at some of the top ones in the state and improve their skills. After a day of golfing, they can visit the spa for a while or enjoy a drink at the local bars and restaurants.