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All about the states that love golfing

Marco Simone Golf & Country Club.
Marco Simone Golf & Country Club.

Most US states offer ample golfing opportunities, but some areas show their love for the sport more than others. 

From large numbers of golf clubs to residents who frequently participate in the sport, we’re looking at what makes a golfing state. Bonus points to any areas that hold significant golfing competitions! 

If you’re planning a golfing holiday or just want to find an area that supports your hobby, keep reading. We’ve collected the most popular golfing states to help you plan your vacation. Enjoy! 

What makes a popular golfing state?

Wondering why golfing is a beloved US pastime? We’ve got your back. Just in case you’re new to golf, we’ll quickly describe what makes a popular golfing state before we jump into the action.

We’ve looked at various factors to decide on our top golfing states. These include the number of courses, the quality of courses, general golfing awareness of golfing, and whether there’s a golfing legacy there. 

Of course, golf is popular across the country! However – we’re singling out the states that put their love for the sport first. Make sure you add these locations to your list if you’re planning a golf-themed getaway.

Unfortunately, we can’t all travel for our love of the sport. But luckily, golf features large tournaments throughout the year. Whether you follow the golfing news or watch the tournaments live, there are multiple ways to get in on the action…..

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Ready to find out where you should visit? Scroll down to find the top golfing states.  

Top golfing states

Moving home or planning a vacation? Don’t forget to include golf in your decision. This isn’t just a sport; it’s a lifestyle! Here are our top picks for golf-centric states. 


First up on our list is Kansas! This state has cemented itself on the US golfing list thanks to its plush course options, overall golfing culture and enthusiastic residents. You’ll find top courses here, including Prairie Dunes, Flint Hills National and Shadow Glen. Golfers here have a wide range of choice.

Alongside top courses, Kansas boasts impressive players such as Robert Streb, Jim Colbert and Tom Watson. The state has even hosted the 2014 Men’s Championship and the 2002 US Women’s Open — proving the sport’s popularity and the quality of courses. 


Perhaps the most obvious choice for this list, Florida is one of the top US golf states. In fact, this might even be the best state for golf in the country. With 1,042 unique golf courses, players have endless routes and terrains to tackle. You’ll never get tired of the game here!

Alongside an amazing number of courses and facilities, Florida has ideal golfing weather all year. No sessions are canceled because of rain or snow here! This is likely why so many PGA Tour events occur here. Florida’s big courses are home to legendary golfing moments, and we’ll never stop returning to this state for golfing fun.


Arizona is one of Florida’s largest competitors when it comes to golfing. With perfect weather, a large number of courses and a large number of amateur players, Arizona deserves a place on our list. Also, Arizona-based college programs have created pro players, including Annika Sorenstam and Phil Mickelson.

One large factor that bolsters Arizona’s golfing culture is a large number of retired citizens. This has created a thriving golf community, leading to high-quality courses in unique landscapes. Who doesn’t want to play next to a cactus?


Another golf-centric state, California is a must-visit for any avid golfing fans. California offers 916 golf courses and beautiful scenery too. When you play here, you’ll always be surrounded by natural beauty.

Top courses here include Cypress Point and public-access US Open courses, including Torrey Pines and Pebble Beach. Golfing culture is also strong here, as many locals participate in the sport and tourists fly here to enjoy the courses. Plus, golfing legend Tiger Woods was born and raised in this state. 

South Carolina 

Have you dreamed of playing on The Ocean Course? South Carolina is known for its memorable courses, golf package culture and talented players. Big names such as Lucas Glover and Bill Haas grew up here, proving locals grow up with golf in their lives. 

If you’re considering visiting this golfing state, don’t miss Charleston. This city is home to the Kiawah Island Resort and The Ocean Course. History was made here during the 1991 Ryder Cup, and many fans visit to enjoy the rich golf history.


Finally, last but not least is Ohio. With 675 courses, this state is well-known throughout the community. This state has a lot to offer to golf fans, but it’s best known for producing one of the best players in the world: Jack Nicklaus. Nicklaus is known worldwide, and his legacy inspires fans to make the journey to his home state.

Popular courses in this state include Nicklaus’s Muirfield Village and Pete Dye’s Golf Club. Both of these picks provide a premium golfing experience that brings fans back yearly. Other top Ohio clubs include Moraine, Scioto, Camargo and Inverness. Will you be visiting?

Final thoughts

Though you’ll find golfing fanatics across the country, some states offer more to the sport than others. Whether you’re a long-time fan or new to the game, make sure you note down these hotspots for your future trips. 

There’s nothing like playing where legends have played before, especially when you’re got premium amenities and breathtaking landscapes to match! Get started with your planning now.