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Golf Betting Games: How to Play Wolf


There are several enjoyable golf games to choose from. With the majority of them, golf games include simple betting regulations. As the Wolf Game is played in groups, it demands a tremendous deal of talent, courage, and technique. 

The Players and Game Mechanics

Wolf games can either be played with three or four players in each team or either 9 or 18 holes. Prior to initiating the game, an order should be established first as to who will be Players one to four. 

After each game, the team changes holes, and before each hole, choose one player that would take part in the game as the Wolf. Then, the Wolf must next select whether he would hunt alone against his three opponents or in collaboration with one of them. Whoever played the highest ball score wins the hole.

When Player One begins the first hole, Players two to four will then follow. The rule is to maintain rotation throughout the game. So for the next or second hole, Player two will hit it off and the same routine goes for Players three and four. As the mechanic of the game, the player who tees off is the Wolf and it’s up to him whether to play alone or play with the others.  The Wolf has the ability to make this decision multiple times in a game and when he does, prepare for any risks.

Like any other sport, there are plenty of rules and regulations to learn in Golf. Check out more of it here in TenGolf and discover the forbidden number and other hobbies before playing or in shorter terms, the Campillo Rules. 

How to score in Wolf

In a wolf game, players use four balls and the best ball is used to score. For instance, in a two-on-two match, a wolf can choose a team player with a better ball to fight against the pair who also has a better ball. Another example would be if Player One and Player Two are paired together and Player One makes a birdie while Player Two scores par, Player One’s birdie is used to compare against the best score from Players Three and Four. If Player One goes lone wolf, his birdie will be up against the highest score from the trio (Players 2, 3, and 4).

Point Scoring:

Every player who wins a game if there are two losers earns one point from the winning player. As soon as there is just one participant, the stakes are doubled. Losses for Lone Wolf are six points. However, if the lone wolf wins, he might get a total of 6 points, two from each of the three participants, because the stakes are doubled. This means the hole gets halved and no points are given if there isn’t a winner. If you opt to play this method, the points will carry over to the following hole. Alternatively, you can re-start on the following hole to avoid doubling up on your scores.

Wolf Game Tips and Techniques

This golf game’s approach is determined by your confidence and inclinations. You are aware of your own abilities and how well you play certain holes on your golf course. If you’re a skilled par 3 player and it’s your turn to be the wolf in this game when you approach a par 3, you may elect to play as a lone wolf to maximize your chances of winning points.

If someone in your group is playing really well, the wolf in the golf game may be your friend. Rather than increasing your own point total, you could pick your partner based on a strategy to keep a primary opponent from scoring. If someone in your group is playing really well, the wolf in the golf game may be your friend. Rather than increasing your own point total, you could pick your partner based on a strategy to keep a primary opponent from scoring.

On a losing hole, for example, picking the points leader forces him to divide the loss with you and decrease his overall score.

Wolf Golf Game Variations

Three Player Wolf

The game of two players versus one of every three players is very similar. If the wolf prefers to face the other two players alone, he receives two points. If the wolf selects a partner, a team of two can gain two points from a single player, but if the wolf decides to play alone, a single player may win two points from a wolf and his partner (one from each player).

In this three-player game, you may treble and quadruple the stakes by playing dire wolf and rabid wolf. Overall, the wolf golf game is a lot of fun, and it’s a terrific betting game to play with friends for money or to see who will purchase beverages after your round of golf.

Dire Wolf

If Wolf chooses to play alone after watching the other players’ tee shots in the standard edition, his stakes are raised. When the single-player declares himself a single player before the other three players have even made their shots in Dire Wolf, for example, the stakes are doubled. When playing single-wolf, you can earn nine points instead of six to win the hole. If the lone wolf loses, he must pay nine points to the other three players, three points apiece.

Rabid Wolf

Rabid Wolf is identical to Dire Wolf, except that before hitting his tee shot, the wolf announces himself as a lone wolf. Taking this extra risk can pay off, as a lone wolf now receives 4 points from each player, for a total of 12 points for winning the hole. If a wolf is short on points in this golf game, there is a chance to make up for lost ground. However, with tripled stakes comes the danger of losing 12 points and perhaps $12 if the lone wolf fails to win the hole against a team of three players.

Whenever you feel that you want to spice things up or to cure boredom, try Wolf with your friends or family. And to make the game even more challenging, you can bet on each point. For example, a dollar for every successful point in each team. Remember that in a golf betting game, Wolf is based around a point system and you can assign money to these points. With this pandemic still going, you might want to consider exploring other sports betting sites, such as Protipster and play at the comfort of your home this quarantine.