Inicio News Planning the Ultimate Luxury Golf Trip

Planning the Ultimate Luxury Golf Trip


Golf is a special sport. It is uniquely relaxing and equally forgiving and complex. It can be played by people of any skill level and rewards mastery. There is a reason why the sport is so popular in America; it reaches over 100 million US citizens, with 25 million playing in 2021 alone.

Golf is naturally a top option for sports lovers looking for a luxurious trip with friends and companions, in addition to the thrill of the game itself. It goes hand in hand with luxury and gives you the freedom to organise your vacation as you like. But how should a trip for luxury golfing be organised?

Where to Go?

The biggest decision facing you and your golfing buddies is undoubtedly where to go. When it comes to organising the ultimate in luxury golf travel, the world truly is your oyster. Nearly every continent is home to world-famous, award-winning golf courses, not to mention the numerous courses hidden away on private islands and exotic vacations.

So what choices do you have? If you and your group are avid golf fans, you might be interested in seeing some of the most well-known venues for major tournaments. Naturally, many of these are found in the United Kingdom and Ireland, particularly, the St Andrews Links in Scotland, regarded as the ‘home of golf’ and the place where golf masters become legends.

Although Scotland may appeal to passionate golfers, your trip’s “luxury” component may not be as appealing due to the country’s weather. But that’s not an issue because there are lots of courses to match your needs in the Caribbean, California’s warm weather, and far-off islands. Better still, why not make sure that both your travel journey and your destination are both exceptional experiences?

Well to achieve this we recommend travelling in luxury private jets. This will allow you to follow your passion whilst also getting access to private courses, tournaments, and unique destinations as they open you up to resort golfing on private islands, which you could tour as part of a larger private travel package! From Velaa Island in the Maldives to Le Touserrok in Mauritius, there are hundreds of secluded and exclusive places to play a round.

Picking a Season

The season is the next factor you need to take into account. When should you start making travel plans? You won’t have to be concerned about overbooked commercial flights or seasonal price changes if you fly privately. Instead, you have the freedom to decide what is best for your trip.

One possibility is that favorable weather and increased visitors to the most popular courses coincide during the resorts’ “on season.” During the summer, if you and your friends go to Royal County Down or the Old Course, you can end up squished between other groups and unable to enjoy your game.

While there are new weather problems during the off-season, you also have the pleasure of reduced competition for course time. Instead of having to move quickly through each hole, you would be able to move at your own pace. However, this might only work on tropical courses where the weather won’t have a significant affect on your game.

Additional Luxuries

Finally, you won’t only be playing golf throughout your luxurious golf vacation. Even if you play all day, you still have the nights to fill in. What could you add to further enhance the significance of your holiday?

Many upscale golf resorts have their own country club or hotel where you may indulge in a number of pleasures including spa services and seven-course meals, not to mention the fine whiskies you won’t have any trouble getting at the bar. You might plan a group schedule that includes all the different golfing excursions that will make it memorable.