Inicio News Seve’s eldest son turns professional

Seve’s eldest son turns professional


“I am very motivated and confident that I have taken the right decision”

Javier Ballesteros, Seve’s eldest son, has taken the decision he has been considering for some time. He has formally turned professional at the Spanish Golf Federation.

Javier Ballesteros (Santander, 20-8-1990): “I have taken the decision of turning professional. This is something I have always wanted. Whether I will succeed or not, time will tell; however, I do not want to regret not having tried my best, and must give it a go.

“I know it will not be easy and I am aware of the hard work required, but I must try.

“My father had a long and difficult start in golf; mine is a bit easier, although I have a disadvantage in that sense: everyone will always compare us and will expect from me, not what my dad achieved but half of it……. which is already a lot.

“I have set myself no goals. I will go step by step and will start at the Alps Tour’s Qualifying School. As we say in golf: one shot at a time and living the present. I am very motivated and convinced that I have taken the right decision. I have a lot of self-confidence.

“Today, my dad comes specially to my mind. He taught me everything or almost everything I know about golf, and I would have loved him see me turning pro. I am sure he would be very proud and happy”.