Inicio ¨We must do this again¨ says Mr Ryder

¨We must do this again¨ says Mr Ryder


On June 4, 1926, almost 88 years ago, Samuel Ryder said ‘we must do this again’ at the clubhouse bar at Wentworth Club, just a stone´s throw away from the 18th green of the East course (the BMW Championship was being played on the West course).

That announcement by Mr Ryder, who made his fortune by marketing seeds, was precisely the seed that created the famous cup that bears his name. He was playing a friendly match at Wentworth between an American team led by Walter Hagen and another Brit, when he made that infamous statement to several players (Hagen, Barnes, Duncan, Mitchell…), and was excited by the prospect of such a spectacular event.

Today we drive down memory lane on the ground where a crucial part of golfing history was created.

Traducción por Jonathan Ballantine English & Golf