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What I like most about Bubba…


You don´t get to win a green jacket every day, so you can imagine how hard it is to win two. To me it seems incredible. So congratulations to Bubba Watson.

He played with great determination on the first nine and with such assurance on the back nine.

I do admit to not being his greatest fan, however, he does one thing I really like. I love watching players who hit the ball with such power and can move the ball through the air. It´s really fun.

Also a special mention to Jordan Spieth. What a tournament! Only 20 year´s old – what a future he has ahead him.

And finally Jimenez ….His comeback on the back nice was awesome. His ability to compete at 50 is amazing to see. What a player!

* Una traducción de Jonathan Ballantine (English&Golf)