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A good day to make peace


I had finished putting on the 18th at Augusta and was waiting for my playing partners to hole out. So I walked to the edge of the green, turned around and looked down the 18th fairway. It was late and the sun was setting. I had just made a 65 at Augusta National (Day 1 of the 2011 Masters).

It was an incredible moment, and it is possible to say that at that moment I finally made my peace with a course that, on my first encounters, had not seemed fair to me.

Of course, you will say that it´s very easy to make peace when you´ve just shot 65. And you´re right! Although in my defence, I have to say that even on the following day when I made 73 I still felt the same.

Then I started to understand why players such as Olazábal loved this course the way it is. Although he has more reasons to, having played here more often and winning two Masters.

How did I shoot 65? Well, I made it because I was relaxed and by not fighting with the course. I decided to play without thinking that I had to make the cut or had to win.

The following year I did not make the cut, but I’m still at peace with Augusta National and looking forward to playing there again.

* Una traducción de Jonathan Ballantine (English&Golf)