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Watching the Open was inspirational…


As you may have noticed it has been a long time since I last wrote. The reason being I have to admit is because I have not been in a good mood. 

Not because I was depressed or sad about my past results, but because I was noticing that my attitude was now much better on the golf course, fairly positive, but the hunger to win tournaments and hit the ball long had disappeared.

I come to this conclusion after reviewing this year´s results which were not too bad but it certainly was not the ‘before’. If I analyse from within and look at my numbers until early 2013, what I see is that I was a player capable of great results and disastrous ones, but I certainly did not let one bad round stop me from trying to compete.

What I want to tell you after these months is that this year has had its good side, because my attitude on the field has improved enough to continue to fight for a good result, but I have not yet found the hunger that once drove me.

This reflection comes after seeing the last nine holes of the Open. And why do I say this? Because after seeing Sergio Garcia, Rory McIlroy and Rickie Fowler play these final holes I realized what I am missing: the urge to do things I want and forget about the worries.

Obviously, I know I have to improve my technique, but yet I know I will be in better shape if I can find that spark and that competitive drive, regardless of how results go.

From my point of view it is sometimes difficult to focus only on what you want without obsessing about what needs to improve, and that´s still my problem. So from here I just want to thank, these three players who have shown me the vital element that is missing in my game.

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