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When Martin encounters something he doesn´t doubt


One question that was thrown to me by Ten-Golf and seems to be in the air after the exhibition of Martin Kaymer at the U.S. Open in Pinehurst. Are we witnessing the next ruler of world golf?

Firstly, I would say that the competitive level required to be an absolute master of a sport like golf, I personally have only met one with that ability, and is called Tiger Woods. I think Martin can become World Number One again if his continues this form, but to dominate the game is very difficult.

The quality of Kaymer is his patience, and when he encounters something he doesn´t keep changing. He never doubts whether it works or not, and when it does not he just accepts it.

Kaymer’s relationship with us Spaniards has always been very good. I remember a very funny story. It happened during my first British Open, when I was training with Martin and Gonzalo. Gonzalo had been scheming for fifteen holes and came up with the idea of trying to tie Martin up in the nets that are placed on the tees to protect certain areas. We got him to the ground and he ended up tangled like a freshly caught fish. You can imagine the laughter of all.

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