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Diagnosis of my game before the US Open


Hi everyone. We’re already in Lancaster now. This week is the US Open. Silence, please. Big week. Important week. Charged with motivation and drive. On top of that I’ll be going in with the high from having made third place two weeks ago in Arkansas.

I was already playing well from before, but I would fall out of it quickly, as you already know, the putt is the one thing that can give the game the push it needs and when it doesn’t come through…But that’s golf. In Arkansas, I had a change in attitude for the better, and above all, I started hitting well with the irons again, which is the strong point of my game.

It was a good score that came at a good moment, now that many important tournaments are coming up, so it’s to be seen whether or not that good streak will continue, and most of all this week. If I had to analyze my game, I would say that I’m content. I’ve come far in improving my short game and I feel good on the putt, I’m hitting the ball much better.

If we were to talk about all aspects of the game, not everything is going so well…My hand is better, but I’m still not at one hundred percent because the scar still hurts a lot. It hurts when I go to the gym, when I hit balls and even when I’m not doing anything and it rubs up against something. It bothers me a lot. Luckily, it doesn’t hurt when I play, I don’t know why, maybe it’s because of the adrenaline or because I’m not thinking about it, but that’s the reality of it. I’m starting to get bored, so I hope it passes over quickly.

As far as the course, I don’t have much to tell you because I’ve never played on it. I only know what Carlota has told me, that it’s pretty rough in general, on the greens in particular. I prefer not to ask too many questions because you end up basing your opinion on what everyone else says, and I would like to show up fresh and formulate my own opinion of the course. In any case, I can already tell you that it’s going to be an incredible course, like all those of the US Open.