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The craziness at the Presidents in Korea and a check-up on morale


Hello everyone from Malaysia. You already know that this week marks the beginning of the American tour through Asia. We’re at the end of the season and I really want to do things well. It hasn’t been easy these past couple weeks. It was difficult for me emotionally and mentally to make it through the tournaments, even in the Solheim, and I had a hard time. However, my overall morale is much better now. Last week I was home with my family and it was great for me, I needed it. Spending time with your loved ones always helps, even more so when you have been away for so long.

The objective now is to get my confidence back, which is not in its finest moment either, although I know that the only solution is to play well. That’s what I’ll try to do throughout these tournaments in Asia. At least I’m ready and willing to give it my all.

This week I play in Malaysia, as you know, and after I’ll be heading to Korea, Taiwan, week off, Japan, Mexico and end of the tour in Florida. A good stretch that I’ll confront head on with plenty of enthusiasm.

By the way, along the lines of the news that the Presidents Cup starts today and that it will be held in South Korea, I asked my good friend So Yeon Ryu how everything is going. She told me that, although she hasn’t been through there in the past two weeks, it’s a big production. Everyone is very excited about the tournament. They love golf and the turnout is definitely going to be impressive, despite the tickets being somewhat expensive. She told me they’re going for 100 dollars per day. Even so, the course is going to fill up.