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Our first Thanksgiving


Hi everyone!

After almost one year living in the US, we finally got to experience one of the most important holidays here, Thanksgiving. All the families get together on this festive day to give thanks for the good things in their lives, somewhat equivalent to Christmas Eve in Spain. It’s always celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November, and it’s also the last event before the Christmas season, leading up to all the winter festivities. The nice thing about this holiday is that everyone celebrates it, despite their religious beliefs or faith.

That Thursday, I had to prepare food for around fifteen people, adults and children. I didn’t want to get too experimental since cooking is not one of my strong points, so the menu was pretty classic and simple: the traditional roast turkey with stuffing, cranberry sauce, mashed potatoes and sweet potatoes, baked Brussels sprouts and a few different salads, one of which turned out so well that Gonzalo is still searching for the container from the store, because he doesn’t believe I made it! But the appetizers were more Spanish, like Spanish pork sausage, cheese, olives and a nice red wine.


I have to say that everything turned out quite nicely, and we had a really fun day in the company of some good friends. I’m already counting down the days until next time!

The day after Thanksgiving is called Black Friday, the day that marks the dawn of the Christmas shopping season, with some incredible discounts. The term black refers to the commercial accounts that move quickly from red numbers to black numbers thanks to the surplus. Apparently it gets pretty hectic, so we decided to wait until Cyber Monday when all those sales apply to online stores, and you can buy whatever you want, no lines, no pushing, no shoving, and all from the comfort of your own home. (Yes, I know, it sounds like a home shopping commercial.)


Gonzalo came back from Japan a few days ago, and he’s going to stay a whole eight weeks at home!! We can’t even remember when the last time was that he spent that many weeks in a row with the kids and I, so we’re really happy at the thought of it, mostly after such a difficult year with so many trips.

And naturally, when he’s at home he likes to relax and do family things, so the day after Thanksgiving, taking advantage of the fact that it was a holiday and the kids didn’t have school, he decided to make paella for the first time on the barbecue we have at home. I have to admit that I didn’t do anything, since when it comes to cooking, Gon is a lot better at it than I am, and it turned out really really well! I’ll attach a photo for you guys to see for yourselves : )


The rest of us are content and happy with our lives in the US, more and more every day, although we do miss our family and friends.

Luckily we get a lot of visitors since Miami is an amazing place to spend a few days or the weekend, and I have to say we really felt the absence of the last ones after they left, so Álvaro and María, come back soon!!!

See you in the next post, and thanks for reading!