Inicio Main Tours LIV Golf LIV Golf announces changes in the format before Jon Rahm’s debut
The main novelty is the new distribution of points and that all cards count on the last day.

LIV Golf announces changes in the format before Jon Rahm’s debut

Los capitanes de LIV Golf. (Photo by Jon Ferrey/LIV Golf)
Los capitanes de LIV Golf. (Photo by Jon Ferrey/LIV Golf)

The new season of LIV Golf starts today in Mayakoba with the debut of the Spaniard Jon Rahm and with some changes in the format. The variations have to do with the number of participants, the number of cards that count, the distribution of individual points, the individual ranking throughout the season and the qualification for the team final.

– Number of players: 54 golfers (six more than last year), including thirteen teams (four players each) and two guest players.

– Count of cards for team qualification: The three best cards from each team count for rounds 1 and 2. All four scores will now count for each team in the final round of each test.

– Distribution of individual points: Players who finish with the same result will receive the same points, as happens in traditional circuits. Before, tiebreaks were made to establish a ranking without ties based on the last day. Tiebreaks will only be applied to determine the podium positions.

– Individual ranking: At the end of the season, players who finish from position 1 to 24 will keep their card secured for 2025. Those who finish between position 25 and 48 and do not have a current contract will have to be contracted again by their team or another. From position 49 is the relegation zone. They will have to play the School to return in 2025 to LIV Golf, unless they have their contract guaranteed.

– Individual points and prizes: Points will be awarded again to the top 24 classified in each test. Cash prizes have been adjusted to take into account the six players added to the field. Click here to see the tournament points and the prize distribution for 2024

– The team final: The top 12 teams after the 13th test of the regular season will be seeded. The team that finishes in 13th place will not compete, but will attend.