Inicio News Three Steps For Better Golf Betting

Three Steps For Better Golf Betting


If practice makes perfect when it comes to improving your golf game, then research is key to making a successful golf wager.

Like pairing a favourable course and reliable set of clubs to create a good shot, where and how you choose to bet on golf truly matters when it comes to the end product.

In this article we explore the following tips to help give your betting tactics a boost:

  • Picking the ideal online casino
  • Immersing yourself in statistics
  • Knowing the game and the types of wagers available

Read on as we dissect the strategies and give you the tools to improve your instincts.

Choose the right online casino for your needs

Why choose an online casino over your brick and mortar alternative? The simple answer is easy to access betting. The ability to bet on the fly has tremendous upsides, especially given the sporadic closure of high streets through the pandemic.

However, betting online comes with its own set of worries: payment security, fake sites, poor betting options, and consideration for your mental health.

It’s important to identify your betting limits, know when to stop, and find an online casino you can trust with sensitive information. Here’s how to go about finding the right online casino for you to bet on golf:

Finding an online casino you can trust

A sense of security is an integral part of online betting, you need to know your information is retained with privacy and integrity when making a deposit.

Golf has a global platform and because of this countless sports betting sites are clamouring for your attention — and not all of them are good. With a market saturated in potential options, you’re certain to come across some incompetent, unreliable, and downright deceitful ones.

With gambling addiction rising in 2020, the string of recent lockdowns shines a light on the dark side of the betting industry. When betting on golf in 2021 you need to find a site that focuses on fun, caps overspending, and helps you recognise a bad wager. 

If something about a site feels strange, or you don’t feel safe, we recommend moving on and finding some honest casino reviews to filter out the frauds. Unsure where to begin? Here are some top-ranking sports betting sites noted as online casino reviews in the UK:

  • Betway
  • Bet365
  • 888Casino

These are some of the most popular and well-renowned sports betting sites, making them the ideal starting point to tee off your golf betting search. With such sites, you can expect strong options, secure payment gateways, and an empathetic consideration for user experience.

Inform your betting decisions with hard stats

From poker to roulette, gambling at a casino is dependent on luck; sports betting, on the other hand, benefits from good research and hard stats. After all, you don’t want to rely entirely on blind faith when you have money riding on the result.

To bet on golfing outcomes you need to become a dab hand at player and course performance metrics. This informs your bets and gives you a solid basis to place, or avoid, a wager.

Some key stats to look at include:

  • Driving length
  • Accuracy off the tee
  • Strokes gained

Players who top the charts amongst these statistics often collect the winner’s cheque, so one question remains: where can you find the most relevant stats? The PGA Tour website is by far the most sophisticated platform for gaining insight into what lies underneath a player’s proverbial hood.

With stats firmly in mind, remember to back a winner at the right price, meaning you should look out for little clues that allow you to pick someone with valuable odds.

Going for the favourite is safe, but not always the best pick. Consider all the variables like recent course performance: does the location lend itself to a dark horse? Shorting the bookie’s favourite with ‘inside knowledge’ makes things interesting and produces tremendous upsides.

Get to know the type of bets you can make

So, you have the knowledge, you have the platform — now it’s time to get familiar with the betting options. While you can stick to the basics and wager on the overall winner, golf betting has a number of other markets you can sink your teeth into.

Tournaments are large events, for the sheer variety alone it’s worth exploring what else the sport has to offer. Plus, you might stumble across a betting strategy more reliable than plucking a champion out of thin air.

Here are a few betting options you have to take advantage of:

  • Matchplay bets: the bookmaker creates a tournament bracket and the user predicts who’ll come out on top in each match-up.
  • Golfer match-ups: bookies pit two players against each other and offer the user prices to predict who’ll be the lowest scorer over a number of holes.
  • Winner’s total score: a highly specific side bet that requires you to state the overall score the winner will have at the end of a tournament.

Take time to get to know all the different types of bets you can make, it can make your experience feel more rounded — and it gives you a chance to fully immerse yourself in the competition, which is ideal for an avid golf fan.

If you’re a newcomer to golf betting then getting started can feel a little daunting. After all, there’s a lot to take into account, especially with so many nuances in the sport.

From being more secure at an online casino and reading up on the stats, to understanding all the betting options, use this article to check off all the dos and don’ts, so you can become better acquainted with the nuances of betting on golf.