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There will be a 40-second shot time and a one-stroke penalty for anyone who exceeds it.

The league of Tiger and McIlroy has a new start date and other news


The TGL of Tiger Woods and Rory McIlroy will no longer be the Monday league, but the Tuesday one. This is the first novelty that has been known a few hours ago through an official statement distributed by the competition itself.

In that information, the new start date of this virtual-real-technological circuit is confirmed, which will be held in a stadium and will feature almost all the current stars of the PGA Tour.

The first test of this new golf competition/exhibition experience will take place on Tuesday, January 7, 2025. As you will remember, the first start date of this league was January 9, 2024, but it was postponed a year due to damage to the structure of the new stadium during an electrical storm, according to official sources.

The TGL will always be held at the SoFi Center, a newly created stadium, built on the premises of Palm Beach State College, in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. In principle, the first confirmed dates are the first three Tuesdays in January, coinciding with the NFL playoffs.

The TGL is a new golf competition based on technology and teams. Six sets of four golfers each will face each other during the season in tournaments that combine the virtual and real part. All the long game of each hole will be done through simulators, while the short game will be carried out on real grass and greens, in the stadium itself. It will be a combination. Although the teams are made up of four players, in each duel three against three will face off, so one will rest.

The TGL has stated that the new SoFi Center, with a steel structure, will be an “unprecedented stage for golf, based on technology, with the aim of creating an intimate and unique experience for fans, with 1,500 seats around the playing field, 97 meters long and 50 wide, almost the size of a football field”.

Among other details of the match rules, it has been announced that there will be a 40-second shot clock. Players will be penalized with a stroke if they do not hit the ball during the assigned time. The game will be supervised by a referee on the field and a booth referee. Each team will have four timeouts, with a maximum of two per session.

The six teams of four players will represent Atlanta, Boston, Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco and Jupiter, Florida. The composition of each of the teams will be announced later.