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Carlota Ciganda
Time for relaxation and disconnection. Time for tranquillity. Time for family, for being comfortable. How I enjoy being at home, in my Navarra, with my people. I haven't picked up a club since…
Carlota Ciganda3 January, 2024
Rafa Cabrera Bello
I was sorry not to be at the Final in Dubai this year. It's obvious that it always makes you angry because it means that your results have not been good enough to get you among the top 50 in the…
Rafa Cabrera Bello30 December, 2023
Belén Mozo
Today I wanted to talk about my eventful week in New Zealand. But since this is just a golf category post, I am strictly covering the mental aspects of my competitive experience. New Zealand was…
Belén Mozo17 October, 2017